Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookie Decorating Party

Tuesday my girlfriend Denise & I hosted a cookie decorating party for our girls.  Denise asked me if I wanted to help throw a cookie decorating party for our little ones & I did not hesitate.  Great idea!   Denise has 2 girls & I one....each one invited 2-3 girlfriends. 
On Monday, Denise & I made the cookie dough and the icing.  Tuesday morning we rolled out the dough & baked.  Once cool we glazed each cookie.  We made a piping bag filled with glaze for each of the girls so that the decorations would adhere.  After decorating they snacked on grapes and beef hot dogs sprouted out like an octopus.  So many giggles echoed thru the house.  Intentionally delightful....

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