Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Goodbye To You My Trusted Friend..."

We had joy we had fun...
Our dear friend, Cielo, the old pecan tree
We have 2 giant pecan trees, Respiro and Cielo, one healthy (Respiro) and one sickly (Cielo).  18 months ago our tree trimmer, Lovett, told us the leaning pecan tree was dying...gentle oozing was taking place at the root.  My husband thought he would possible heal it but the problem was bigger than it was visually.  We were in bit of denial about Cielo's illness (still produced pecans and beautiful shade) and the expense to remove it.  Every windy and stormy night I'd pray "Cielo please don't topple", toppling would mean: uprooting buried water lines, falling on the neighbors house, possibly hurting someone, ruining a garden...just chaos.  We are sad to see Cielo cut down. 

My Dearest Cielo,
First forgive me for taking you for granted, I didn't know how much I loved you till we had to say goodbye.  Tears roll down my cheeks as I witness you getting smaller and smaller...your so tender and quite.
Thank you for all the shade you have provided over the years.  You have been selfless with your love giving us years of fruit and shade.  Because of your shade we have enjoyed picnics, playing chase, croquet, hola-hooping, reading, partying, tetherball, alfresco meals and entertaining.  Even the Summer utility bills were lower because of the shade you have provided.  You will be mourned by all the singing birds, busy squirrels, insects and mostly by us and Respiro, your family.   Thank you for years and years of love. You will never be forgotten.
Papa has instructed Lovett to leave you 5' high, you will become a fairy house for Bebe.  You will continue to be loved and cared for.
Thank you for all the "Seasons In The Sun".
Love, Darlene

ps...Terry Jack's song discloses my love and sadness for you.

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