Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fruit Flies?

It's that time of year when fruit will be a part of every meal.  It's Spring...with the warm months approaching fruit flies are often an issue.  Even if it's one or two...they are still bothersome. 
A couple years ago when my father was dying of pancreatic cancer he was trying a natural healing remedy in which one of the ingredients was 'dried banana peels'.   Well you can imagine the fruit flies swarming.  My daughter and I were visiting for 10 days, it was a normal New Mexico Summer...hot...dry...cool nights.  Just gorgeous.  The fruit flies were a problem and I refused to let them ruin my stay.  I got online the 1st evening I was visiting and found several natural remedies.  I wished I could give credit to the site I found this concoction on.  I chose this one because I knew my parents would have the 2 ingredients needed.  This recipe works like a charm every time! 

ingredients to rid fruit flies naturally

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies
1 shallow glass or small glass bowl
1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar (does not have to be organic to work)
2 tsp of dish soap

Stir the ingredients together.  Set the glass somewhere no one will be curious to take a swig.
This remedy works because the apple cider vinegar smells like rotting fruit (fruit flies can't help themselves so they dive in) and the dish soap makes it a slippery slope.

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  1. Great idea, and a wonderful, green and non-toxic solution to irritation in the kitchen. Thanks!!