Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flower
A bow is a bow is a bow.  Tired of the bow?  I am.  I thought I'd try a paper flower for a butcher paper wrapped gift.  I love to wrap my gifts in all white, all pink...any solid color is a pretty and a simple look.  I remember making paper flowers as a child but I needed a refresher.  I googled paper flowers and up popped my favorite girl, Martha Stewart's  "paper pom poms".  I knew by her style I could just look at the photos and figure it out.  I was right.  Super easy with a casual 'homemade with love' look.
I can see into my home parties with huge paper flowers dangling from the ceiling of my dining room and living room.  Looking forward to it.
Butcher Paper Wrapped Gift with a Tissue Paper Flower

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