Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Leftovers? Frittata them!

I enjoy using dinner leftovers for breakfast...mainly as a frittata! In the past I've used: steak, brisket, bratwurst, pizza toppings, meatballs...you name it, I've used it.  Especially left over party food...variety of cheeses, veggies...you get it.  We have been broccoli lovers this winter, the last 3 morning I have used our veggie leftovers for breakfast. 
Broccoli + Cheddar = Long Love Affair!
Broccoli Frittata in my favorite Le Creuset 6" skillet
Broccoli Frittata
for two

Butter & EVOO
3 eggs, whisked
Sprinkle of fresh chopped onion & garlic
Salt & pepper
Steamed broccoli 
Cheddar cheese

Skillet on medium-high.  Add a sliver of butter & a drop of EVOO.  Whisk eggs, salt, pepper, onion & garlic...add to pan.  Drop heat to low.  Pierce egg round, once it's lightly cooked & running add cheddar, top with broccoli. Broil for 2-3 minutes.  Enjoy!

ps...I thought they had discontinued the 6" skillet...they have not! Yay for all the le crueset lovers!  This is my egg pan...fried eggs, scrambled eggs, frittata for 2-3.  It's a workhorse in my kitchen.  It's lovely.

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