Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lakewood Organic Co-op

It's been 3 weeks since I joined a neighborhood organic & local farming co-op, some produce is brought in from other states & countries but all is organic. I have searched on the Internet periodically for the last 2 years for something of this sort. I was quickly flipping thru the Advocate (neighborhood magazine) when I spotted an article regarding "Lakewood Organic Co-op" I signed up the very day. June 27th was my first pick up, I have to say I felt a bit of a panic to have received so much produce:

Basic Share $50
Broccoli, 1 bunchCucumbers 1.5 - 2 lbsEggplant, Globe 1 (recipe links below)Lettuce, Green Leaf 2Peppers, Sweet Mixed 1 pt. Spinach 2 bunchesSquash, Zucchini 1.5 - 2 lbs (recipe links below)Tomatoes (Regular) 2Avocados, Hass 2Banana, Green 3.5-4 lbsBerries, Raspberries 6 oz Mangos 2Melons, Cantaloupe 1Oranges, Valencia 6-7 ct

I thought 'can I feed this to my family before it matures'...the answer is "yes" I did it, I did have 1/2 red leaf lettuce head that went south. Yesterday, my husband picked up our 2nd lot...I'm excited about this & I will share on how it has made a difference.

Last month I went to see "Food, Inc"...I had seen parts of this movie on TV & had read about quite a bit of what the movie contained...EXCEPT for the part on cattle...I knew cattle was being fed corn but did not know that a grass fed cow has a 85+% less chance of having salmonella... I have a baby and a lovely husband so from that day forward we have been purchasing 'grass fed' beef. It smells so much better, too.