Friday, August 20, 2010

Homemade Yogurt

I did it!!!  I made yogurt!!!  Our household loves yogurt, I spend $50-60 a month on yogurt, sometime more.   We love the good yogurt by: Brown Cow & Bulgarian Yogurt.    Over a year ago I attempted to make never cultured...the result was liquid.  So of course, after being so disappointed the idea left my mind for a while.  Then after paying $4.68 for Bulgarian plain yogurt I thought "oh come on Darlene you have got to master this".  Well I'm not a master yet but that is my goal.  I made a gallon of yogurt with Whole Foods Whole Milk $3.58...this is $20 worth of yogurt.  So Happy.  So Satisfying. So Simple. So Real.  So Whole.  This is the beginning of a beatuiful delightful weekly ritual.  Yum.
Thank you Micheal from the instructions were so simple.

Friday, August 13, 2010

About Honey Girl Kitchen

History Of Honey Girl Kitchen

I have been a lover of cooking since I was a child. As the seventh of eight children I can remember being as young as four helping set the table as well as having a chair propped up next to the sink to help wash dishes. My Mother cooked every meal…breakfast, lunch and dinner…my five sisters and I learned the skill and love of cooking early on.

The love of cooking is the only way of life I have known.

Honey Girl Kitchen caters the most intimate event in your life to the most casual party.

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