Friday, May 31, 2013

Slush + Shake Maker

Zoku Slush + Shake Maker
Cool your hot self off with an innocent or naughty boozy slush.   I saw this at Williams Sonoma and thought how much Bebe would love it...then I thought 'oh what a great slushy cocktail maker'...I bought two.  I was right.  Bebe loves making lemonade slush and I love making margaritas.

The 411:
  • wash/rinse container when purchased
  • put the insert in the freezer for at least 24 hours
  • wait
  • pull it out of freezer put insert in the sleeve
  • pour a naturally sweetened drink into the insert
  • stir gently and run the white spoon down the sides to remove icy build up...repeat till slushy
  • Enjoy
Takes a little over 3 minutes.  You can use the container twice before you will need to refreeze. 
The brochure that comes with the Zoku Slush + Shake Maker states that it will slush up best with real sugar drinks.  I have not tried artificial sugar concoctions, but I do know once I add the tequila to my slush you can see the degree change and it slowly starts to melt...just like a real margarita.  I'm happy, look forward to my low maintenance Summer cocktails.  Enjoy!