Send Love For The Seasons of Life

This week calls from NY, Denver & Dallas have been coming in requesting a meal for a new Mom.  A meal is the kindest gift one can receive.  What's the saying 'food is the way to ones heart'...

Pictured is a meal I delivered today:  roast, veggies and a tomato based gravy with garlic French bread.
Next time you think of sending a friend/family flowers change it up a bit and send a meal.  A personalized note on Honey Girl Kitchen stationary can be included. XOXO.
Seasons of life:
  • wedding
  • new baby
  • surgery
  • engagement
  • illness
  • divorce
  • hard times
  • just because
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • birthday
  • new home
  • cold/flu
  • etc...

$55 NM enchiladas & cilantro rice w/black beans



$65  Pork tenderloin, organic mashed potatoes/cauliflower & green beans

$60 Chipotle Pork Roast, Pinto beans, Salsa + chips & corn tortillas (I can come and put pork in your slow cooker in the morning)



$55  10 Tacos, salsa, cilantro rice w/black beans and local chips

$60 beef roast w/carrots celery potatoes & garlic bread (I can come and put this in your slow cooker in the morning)

$75 2 1lb Rib-eye Steaks, creamy horseradish, mashed potato + cauliflower & green beans



$50 Chicken Pot Pie & organic Salad

$50 curry chicken & basmati rice w/side of raita (yogurt relish)

$45 Whole baked herb chicken, baked potatoes & salad

$40 Mexican Chicken soup, Salsa & Corn Tortillas (I can come and put this in your slow cooker in the morning)



$65 tilapia filets & stuffed bell peppers w/rice + veggies

$65 2lb Ginger Salmon, Spinach Salad & baked squash boats



$40 meat or veggie lasagna & organic salad
$50 Spaghetti Lasagna & organic Cesar salad (all salads come with homemade croutons & homemade dressing)


$36 1 dozen breakfast burritos (cage free egg , Cheddar & salsa)
$50 18 Egg Herb + Sundried Tomato Quiche w/Spinach Salad (nice for weekend breakfast)


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