Christmas Leftovers...

A Christmas Post...
It's Christmas!  What a beautiful day.  Woke up, made breakfast.  Mass at noon.  Christmas lunch at 2pm.  After lunch we spent the day in the back garden till dusk.  Grateful for my family, friends and acquaintances.
My niece, Clarissa, just had a baby boy on the 23rd.  I made little hobo turkey packets from our leftover Christmas lunch for her.  These can be put directly into a oven, 375F 20-25minutes.
Normally I just freeze the items separately, however, I was trying to think of a method of getting Clarissa small meals to have on hand.  Then the idea came...leftover Turkey dinner hobo packets.  We're a bit alike in that neither of us use a microwave.  We both have Breville ovens that we use daily, several times a day.  These packets will work just fine for a new mom.  I'm freezing them and will deliver tomorrow.  Babies are a gift. So grateful. xoxo.

Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Lunch

Leftovers...turkey, dressing, veggies, mashed potatoes & gravy on parchment

Wrapped and labeled...ready for freezer


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