Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Love Letter

Let me start by saying I love you.  For the last 15 months I've been asking myself 'what's next Darlene?'  Being a chef can be taxing on one's body.  When I have an event, I'm in a non stop mode for 4-5 days and on my feet for 12-16 hours.  To sleep for 24 hours after each event would be a dream, it takes me a couple days to recoup. This is why the "what's next" question has been so loud in my mind.  I started to reflect on what I've enjoyed in my career history, and it brings me back to Real Estate.  I got my RE License in 2004, had my first and only child (Carmella) in 2006.  In 2008 Dave and I decided that staying home with Carmella would be the best thing I could do for our family.  It was my pleasure.  Carmella and I joined a neighborhood playgroup, a few months later Honey Girl Kitchen was born.  These lovely mommies loved the homemade snacks I'd make when I hosted playgroup and so it began.  My first client was Kelly Gordon, thank you!  Baptisms, First Communions, Birthdays, this is how I became an accidental caterer.  I have enjoyed being of service and sharing my gift.  So grateful for the trust and referrals that made my business bloom.  Throughout these years I continued my RE education never letting my RE License expire.  Real Estate was the long term goal as a career...I can sell RE all my life, catering not so much. 
I've built some beautiful friendships while catering.  I ask for your love, kindness, prayers and support in my transition.  I will continue to provide monthly specials the first Thursday of every month plus an update of my transition.      
As of March 9, 2015 I joined CLAY STAPP + CO. Looking forward to the joy of finding my future clients a home

I will still maintain this blog...I will continue to share recipes and post pictures of our family dinner parties.

With so much love, Darlene Rosen

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