Children Can Set The Entire Table

china + glassware + placemats placed in bottom drawer

Why did I not think of this sooner?  Today  a light bulb turned on when I was cleaning the bottom kitchen drawer...mind you the only bottom drawer.  I have a 1931 kitchen...3 cabinets and 3 drawers. I live with a voice inside my head "Darlene what's wrong with you? Please be tidier."   Then I delightfully respond to the voice "self please, the kitchen is tiny I'm just doing the best I can ❤️". 

My 8 year old, Carmella, has been helping me set the table daily for the last 4 years.  I normally hand her the china and drinking glasses.  She can reach the silverware, napkins and filtered water.  Today all that will change, she will now be able to set the entire table all by herself.   She's good at it too.  All china is set right side up if there is a design, plate straight if squared, water to the right, fork and napkin on the left, spoon/knife if needed on right.  I showed her the drawer and she was pleased.  Next I'll have her load the dishwasher, currently she's still to short to navigate the sink water properly.

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everyday place setting

Carmella loves responsibilities even if she seems a bit resistant...that's when I reiterate "this is our home and it takes all of us to run a house...we each need to do our part."   Saying those words also helps me not feel as though I'm asking for too much "it's our home".  

Carmella's contribution: setting the table perfectly, vacuum (as best she can), make her bed (as best she can), feed the pooches dinner, set her alarm clock, fold towels and put her clothes on hangers or drawers (still working on neatness).

May your tidiness be ...intentionally delightful.
xoxoxo, Darlene


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